The JL Biber Construction Difference

The Riverside California remodeling market place can be very competitive. We truly value you as a customer and look forward to having you come back to us for repeat business for many, many years. That's why we always go above and beyond what is initially asked of us. Our Projects always finish in a timely manner and you will be the first to know the status of the project. Our skills are limitless and our craftsmanship is impeccable, if you can dream it up we can design it, and then build it. We understand that your home is your castle and you should feel as such. That's why we want to give you a home that's distinct from any other home in Southern California, that's the Biber Construction difference. Our approach to your home remodel is completely different than that of any other contractor you are most likely to have come across in the Inland Empire. Unlike our contemporaries you'll receive incredible attention to detail and quality service from both a fully certified and financially stable company. Don't make the mistake of going on CraigsList and finding an unlicensed contractor. Nine times out of ten you'll end up calling us to complete the job or to fix the damage that has occurred to your home from a lack of knowledge and lack of know how.

JL Biber Construction  Goals and Company Mission

Riverside, California 92504

Our number one goal is to satisfy the needs, wants and dreams of every customer that we come across. We are dedicated to using the latest and greatest techniques and only the highest quality products on your home.

Our second goal is to make sure that we provide a superior building and remodeling experience for our clients. We will ensure that the entire process will be stress and headache free. We also pride ourselves on giving your home a unique and distinct feel. No two JL Biber Construction Remodels are the same. We never put out cookie cutter remodeling. Every design is unique and custom built to fit your home's needs.

Our third goal is to radiate professionalism throughout every single thing that we do. From the moment we first meet until we shake hands and part company with a job well done. Our motto at JL Biber Construction is "Do what you say you're going to do." We choose to live and die by this motto. If we tell you something is going to happen or a deadline is going to be met then that's something you can count on. We will always provide a work environment for our employees and staff that is goal orientated and focused on one thing, completing the task at hand.Our staff will always have a tremendous amount of respect for your property and wishes.

JL Biber Construction Considers All Job Sites to be Non-Smoking Environments.

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